How important are the Photographs of your property in order to rent it successfully?

How many times have you seen photos by property owners that you would NEVER use to promote  your property?  You see it online every day, on listing sites or even in their own websites.

We regularly see the worst photos, shots on grey days or raining days, blured pics, or really good quality photos but showing a shower door  rather than the potential of your property!

I’ve had clients refuse to book a property purely based on the photos. When we send them better shots  of a worse property.. they book!

If you want to rent successfully,  more often  and promote your holiday rental, you must have the best possible photos of your property.
The first thing that attracts a prospective renter is the photo selection.
You could hire a professional photographer, that's ideal and not free, or you could do by yourself.

The key point is Better Photographs get Better Rentals, giving you a better return than the other properties around you on the listing sites or in browsers.

Here you are some tricks to get the best photos of your holiday rental property.

  • Think from the Renters point of view…
  • What are my guest looking for in a holiday rental property?
  • What stand out features does my property have?
  • What is my pricing strategy and what will it take for my photos to back up this high quality… high-value, higher-price strategy?
  • Picking out small details, not just different angles. 
  • While a photo of a table is a very useful thing… It does not tell me much other than there is a table…
  • But… Dress it with a bottle of champagne, some delicious cheeses and maybe from an angle that shows the view… and it’s far more appealing.

If you need more help to guide into the fabulous world of holiday rentals photography, please don't hesitate to contact LEGAL COSTA PROPERTIES  by calling 648088100 or email