€600,000 Fines Issued for HOLIDAY RENTAL PROPERTIES

AirBnB, have had a Fine of  €600,000 for advertising non registered properties in Barcelona.

In Andalucia is illegal advertise properties without showing the VFT number or CTC number under the Decree which came into force on May 11 2016.

Are you still waiting for your Lawyer to do it for you ?

The process may be have started slowly but The Junta De Andalucia is now speeding up the inspections and those of you who have your VFT or CTC numbers can be relieved now that the various Juntas are actually beginning to issue fines. Nationwide the Mayors of each Junta are joining forces after Barcelona started the ball rolling against Illegal Rental Properties.

Fines against that big company for advertising rental properties without a VFT or CTC is the fastest to remove unregistered Villas and Apartments from the web.

It is only a matter of time before the smaller agencies and privately owned web pages for Holiday Rental Properties are targeted.

While a lot of misinformation has been written about the law and who it applies to, a basic rule applies.

If money changes hands, the property must be registered.  This includes renting to friends and family if you charge them.

We recently had a case of an Insurance Claim that was denied as the Claimant was not the ‘owner’ of the property, it was unregistered for rental, so technically, how could a claim be made for an accident that happened while the injured man was in the apartment illegally…? 

If you already have your VFT or CTC make sure it is shown on all advertisments for your property.

If you have been meaning to do it, but just not got around to it yet, now is the time.

The major players in the Holiday Rental Sites cannot advertise  unregistered properties on their portal, losing you valuable bookings for the future.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of the law and who it applies to.

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If you Rent You Need To Register.