The law in Spain has Changed.

From May 2016 all RENTAL PROPERTY owners renting out their properties must register with the Government.

Decree 28/2016, requires all holiday rentalproperty owners including property management companies on the Costa del Sol to register all properties that are rented for a period of less than 2 months at a time, with the Andalucian Tourist Registry.

Failure to do so can result in a fine between €6000 & €150,000 euro, embargos and costs.

Certain regulations and requirements relating to rental properties apply such as sufficient bedding, provision of an Invoice, Local guide book etc.

The properties, when registered and inspected are issued with a VFT number which must be shown on all advertising of the rental property. On line and off.

Most important websites for holiday rentals. Legal Costa Rentals

The bigger companies such as Trip Advisor, Airbnb, Spain-Holiday,, Home Away or Holiday Lettings are in inspection at the moment but will soon be subject to fines if they advertise unregistered properties.

For information on how you can register your Holiday Home to rent it legally, contact 

We have registered hundreds of clients so they are risk free of a fine.

Talk to our trained team regarding all aspects of registering your property and if need be, assisting you to get your property past the inspection.

We are attending inspections with the Junta De Andalucia officials weekly and to date, we are delighted to say,  all of our clients have passed with flying colours. We also provide a full registration service with the Police, pertaining to the Passport Registration of visitors to all private rental properties. Now a legal requirement on all private property rentals.

When renting for payment, to non-immediate family members it’s considered to be a business transaction. Therefor the property should be registered if you take money for rentals.

A point many owners don’t realise is that in the event of an Insurance Claim from an unregistered renter in your property… paying for their stay, The policy will be null and void as it will be considered you are renting illegally.

Agents who manage properties are also liable for the fine if they are found to be renting properties that do not have CTC or VFT registration number.

Legal Costa Rentals can assist in every aspect of registering your property. A fully registered company and in existance since 2005 under its former name of Marbella Man Friday, allow our team to keep your investmentproperty earning for you.

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