Take the stress out of your holiday rental property

At Legal Costa Rentals we strive to make your Holiday Home just that…… A Place  to relax…. Unwind and most of all…. Stress Free.

As Legal Costa Rentals is personally owned and run, the service that you will receive is just that, Personal.
Our Maintenance  Package Starts at just  €500 per year for a 2 bed apt and covers  a minimum of 46 visits to your property. This involves airing the entire property... checking for leaks or any other problems. 
Running all taps, flushing toilets etc. On a monthly basis we run the dishwasher and washing machine to prevent a build up of calcium, which is a problem in the area. 

During each visit we take a photo and e-mail it to you to put your mind at rest.
Naturally we would need a key for this and as a result we can act as Key holders for  your guests and tenants. We also register passports with the local police as is the law in Spain.

On rentals that we do not co-ordinate there is €40 charge for letting guests into a property and showing them how everything works (as per VFT regulations) once a pre designated time has been agreed.
(Between the hours of 10pm and 8am this charge is increased on a sliding scale) 

We also arrange key collection and checking your property before guests leave. We are contactable by phone at all times while guests are using the property.
On rentals where we co-ordinate the rental of course these charges are covered by  the commission. We then lodge the Rental profit to your chosen bank account for you to enjoy at your leisure….

Rental Management:

Not only can you advertise your property on our website….. 
We can also co-ordinate the rental of your apartment from start to finish.
Legal Costa Rentals provides a booking service, make a cleaning service available to your tenants (payable locally) while they are on The Costa Del Sol and ensure your property is in tip top condition before and after their visit. A percentage of the rental fee is charged for this service.

Cleaning charges are as follows.

Standard clean of the property prior to a guest’s arrival or, after they leave is charged by the hour and includes all cleaning materials. This way you only pay for that is needed and not a flat rate which can be excessive when a property only needs a light dusting!

Should any unusual cleaning be required we would discuss it with the client first and agree any additional charges.
A Builders clean, or deep clean to remove paint splashes, clean all windows, wardrobes, cupboards, floors, bathrooms etc can be quoted on viewing the job.
Obviously this would be a once off and would be prior to the delivery of any furniture etc. We clean the entire interior or the property, including windows (inside and out) and tiled terrace areas. When Legal Costa Rentals is finished you will be able to move in and use your property to it’s full potential at once.

We have a contact list of tried and tested Plumbers, Electricians, Caterers, T.V & WIFI providers, Interior Designers, Decorators,Gardeners, Pool Cleaners, Locksmiths & Curtain Makers. All are are proven professionals. We can even organise a massage or a Chiropodist to visit your property. In deed we pride ourselves as being True Property Management Experts.

Laundry charges are priced on a per job basis, but a standard 2 bed apartment (all sheets, tablecloths, towels, tea towels) washed, dried and beds remade is charged at €40. Obviously should only one bedroom have been used the price is reduced accordingly. 

Allowing Deliveries into the property is charged at €20 for a drop and go.  Should it be required that we remain in on site while work is carried out it is charged at €10 per hour with a minimum charge of €25. Where possible we will incorporate your weekly visit to the time of the delivery and therefore no extra charge would be incurred. 

In the event of a large scale construction job to be done on any property, and project management is required, this is negotiated on an individual basis, but a guide price is 10 % of the total bill. So you can redecorate while you are at home and arrive to your stylish new Bathroom or Terrace or wherever you choose whenever you choose…..

Groceries and welcome packs can be provided on supply of a shopping list from the client. There is a minimum delivery charge for this service. 

Snag Lists
At Legal Costa Rentals we are totally experienced in the production of Snag Lists and can do the groundwork on your New Property, e mailing photos to you and saving you unnecessary trips at a time that is already expensive. Price on application.

We also offer an Alarm Company Contact Service should an alarmed property need a local contact number. Price on application.

These are just a few of the services Legal Costa Rentals can provide but, as each client is different we pride ourselves in the ability to tailor make your maintenance contract, both increasing your peace of mind and value for money..

Contact us through E Mail or by phone and let us improve your Quality time
with our Quality service

Terms Of Payment
All maintenance charges are to be paid quarterly in advance into our Spanish account, UK based HSBC account or Dublin based AIB account.

General service charges
Each Client holds an account with us where they keep a minimum credit balance of
€200. All incidental charges are deducted from this and detailed on your monthly
statement which will be sent by E-mail. 
To guarantee services the retainer must be in place.
As each property is different we prefer to meet with you and discuss your Exact
Needs, Free quotes with No obligation are available just by making a phone call or
E-mailing us.

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