How easy is registering your rental property in Junta de Andalucia

If you rent to holiday makers, you must register. It’s the law.

Registering your property for the New Rental Property Law is especially fast and easy when you use the Services of
Covering all areas of Andalucia, the team at Legal Costa Rentals will have your Rental property registered and at no risk of a fine in a matter of days.
This saves you having to go to the Junta De Andalucia offices and to the town hall.
Having registered 100’s of properties since the law went live on May the 11th and also attended final inspection with the Junta inspectors, they are fully versed in how you need to proceed to avoid being on the receiving end of a fine for not registering.
Remember it is enough just to be found advertising your property for short term rent without a registration number or ‘VFT’ to be issued with a fine of at least €3,000.
Don’t be the first one fined… In fact, avoid getting a fine at all. 
If you rent to holiday makers, you must register. It’s the law and it’s not going to go away anytime soon.