Holiday Rental Law; SomeFacts.

If you RENT , You MUST Register.

If you advertise ANYWHERE, You Must register.

Only Rent to Family & Friends? You MUST register.

It’s too expensive to Register? The lowest fine is a minimum of 10 times more expensive than the cost of registration, so, it is far cheaper to register than not!

‘’It’s very difficult to register.’’  LCR usually have clients registered with FULL VFT number in 24 hours.

Who’s going to tell….?  

Possibly the renter who falls and tries to claim on their holiday insurance, when they quote your address and you are found to be renting illegally….Or the renter who gets in trouble with the police…Or the neighbour who gets fed up with the noise from your property and calls the police….Or the registered neighbour who gets ticked off that you didn’t register…..Or the unhappy renter who wants their money back.

I don’t have a First Occupation Licence…. This is no reason not to register at all, and there are other options for those owners who don’t have a First Occupation Licence and far cheaper than you would imagine. It is possible to register and be free of a risk of a fine, and add the FOL or equivalent to your application when it is located, at a later date.

An application to register, even if missing some paperwork is looked on far better than an owner who does nothing.

Legal Costa Properties Experts have heard them all…. But rest assured. Registration is FAST, CHEAP, EASY and will save you a lot of worry and definitely save you getting a big fine.

This is not something that is going to go away. We are a Professional, Registered,Tax Compliant company who can get your property registered and risk free of fines.

Since the law came into being in Andalucia in May this year, we have registered many, many clients. See our review page on FACEBOOK  ( Legal Costa Properties) for their comments. Many of the lawyers we work with are too busy to deal with this and in realityit is not a job for a lawyer. 

Talk to LEGAL COSTA PROPERTIES to get your Holiday Rental Property registered in just 24 hours and sleep easy knowing that your property is going to earn money for you, not cost you is big fines. Call NOW 34 648088100

We are specialists in this area, have proved we know what we are doing and we do it fast!

Check out our web site and chat live with us, or call us directly on +34 648088100.

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