Have you Received a Denuncia from The Junta De Andalucia for an Unregistered Holiday Rental Property?

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If unaddressed, fines can escalate and have interest added. 
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Since the introduction of the VFT law in May 2016, a period of grace has been allowed for owners of short term rental properties to register their property with the Junta De Andalucia. That time has now passed and with each inspection we have attended, the Junta e Andalucia Inspectors are noting the other apartments in the block with a rental sign not showing a VFT number.
Web sites are being checked and the lack of a VFT gives reason to the inspectors to check the catastrall details tracing the owner and issue a denuncia. This is basically a warning that they are beginning proceedings to implement a fine.
Being unaware of the law is no defence.
The other interesting development is the number of unhappy neighbours reporting unregistered rental properties. At Legal Costa Rentals we have received a number of requests for information as to how to report a holiday rental property that impacts on the neighbours in a negative way. The answer is quite simple. Just contact the police and once the police arrive at a rental property, they will want to see the VFT details. A registered property will have the number logged against the property, and like a car registration, the police can trace it back to the owner.
In the event that you have received a denuncia, can begin a ‘Recurso’
This is basically an appeal. We are experts in Registering properties and with the correct paperwork, and sometimes even without it, we can get you registered and legal within 24 hours.
We know of denuncias against properties without First Occupation Licences. The lack of a licence is no reason not to register. A registration application lacking a certain piece of paper is far better than no application at all.
Applications can be filed and paper work added at a later date. A demonstration of intent to register is far better than doing nothing at all.
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If you have received a denuncia we strongly advise you to contact us without delay.