Do you Charge People to Rent Your Short Term Holiday Rental Property?

If money changes hands you must, by law, register your property.

We meet people all the time who say they don't advertise and only let friends and family use the property.


This is very difficult to prove in the case that a guest has an accident in your property and claims on their insurance. The claim will be invalid if they are not the owners, in an unregistered, and therefor illegal, rental property, and you , as the owner will be responsible.


What if your property is burgled, and a police report filed.


If the passports of the renters have not been registered it is also an offence. registretion , once the VFT has been issued is very simple and can be done on line, ut failure to do so is a criminal offence.


Also, if there is an incident in your property and an irritated neighbour reports it to the police...

The first thing the police will want to know is who owns the property. Unregistered you are already in trouble.


Or an inspector, as is actually happening, acts as they are doing a survey with tourists as they walk about, and ask where they are staying.


If you are charging money, you are renting,and the law is that it must be registered. The fines start at €3000, which is far cheaper than the cost of registration. The lowest of the six denuncas issued last Monday was €9000 plus costs. 



From start to finish Legal Costa Rentals will oversee the entire process and make the property totally compliant so that it can be advertised, with its VFT number, confident in the fact that you are not at risk of being fined. 


We will need details from  the following   (and  copies need to be seen by the inspector in event of your property being inspected, All of which you should already have) 

·        Full address of the property.

·        Number of Bedrooms and guest capacity.

·        EscrituraORNota Simple·        

·        Catastral Number ( usually on IBI bill)

·        The ‘nameof the property if you have one…  ‘Villa Maria’ or ‘Casa de Gato’ for example..

·         The First Occupation Licence ..

In the event of no First Occupation licence please provide the Name of the company that administers your ‘Community’ ( who you pay your community fees to) We will apply on your behalf but should any charges be issued by the Town Hall for this document, they are not included in his quote.

·        If there is a website attached to the property, we also need the URL.

·        For example if you have a website you advertise only your property on.


Where the property is owned by a person;

Full name and NIE number of the owner(s),

Copy of all owner’s passports.

Email & telephone contacts. Usual address where owner resides.


With a ‘Digital Signature’ in Spain we can speed up the process.

Withyour Digital Signature we bypass the CTC  ( waiting time of 10 to 12 weeks) and have your VFTnumber within 24 hours. If you ave one please let me know.


In the event of a company owning the property we need; 

The name & Escritura of the company AND the property,

The CIF number (in Spain) of the company, the details of the representative of the company, address etc as with a private owner.


Allthese can be e mailed to in the check list attached to this E mail



Our  September Special price of €200.00 is for the FAST TRACK provision of the FULL VFT number within 24 hours of application. ( 2 properties we discount to €175.00 per property)

We will need a Digital Certificate for this, and if you don't have one, we and can arrange this for you. If not in Spain, See attached application consent form.


Any purchases required such as Air Conditioning& First Aid kits are not included.


 If there is any issue with your application We will provide you with a provisional 'CTC' ( a proof of application ) number once the completed check list has been received and has been checked.  This will release you from a risk of fine.

This will  be subject to all required details having been provided by the owner of the property. Your VFT number should be with you in 24 hours or 2 working days.


LCR reserve the right is issue VFT numbers unless accounts are paid in full.


Payments  including IVA  ( Spanish Tax)

With Digital Cert  ( €242.00)   should be paid to     

THEFUNGROUP.S.L( account name)


IBAN ; ES 17 0182 0220 0802 0169 3098


Bank address if required;  Algeciras, Cadiz

Please use the name of the owner as your Reference / note


Payment can also be made by credit / debit card  should you prefer. If you wish to pay by card please advise me and we will send you a secure link.


I have attached a check list to make it easier, and also a consent document for the digital certificate.

Once the VFT is obtained the digital Certificate is valid for 3 years and you can change the password for your security. It will be of great assistance to you paying local taxes etc. on line.


I hope this all makes sense and if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me.