Were the Swimming Pools really closed all Summer?

Well… Yes. The Junta De Andalucia’s rules are law, and unregistered Holiday Rental Properties are heading for the end of their one year period of grace.

Comunnity Pool

Remember when the Community Swimming pools were closed down in previous Summers when paper work and conditions were not adhered to? The Junta De Andalucia mean business. This coming May 11 th heralds the end of the year long period when holiday rental property owners had time to get the property registered and issued with its own VFT number.

Failure to show this number on any advertisement of the property, on line or off, deems the property an illegal rental and subject to fines from €3,000 to €150,000. 

Already law in many other areas of Spain, February 2016 saw the introduction of this decree in Andalucia including the Costa Del Sol.

After a slow start, many owners and agents began to see that this rental condition was not going to go away and registration was essential to avoid a hefty fine. The requirements of the law were already being followed by most reputable owners, making registration quite easy. The most difficult issue for many owners is locating the First Occupation Licence for the property.

Many owners are using the lack of this document as a reason not to register, but inspectors warn that a property registered, albeit missing a certain document will be treated as an application in process and highly unlikely to receive a fine. However, Properties that are advertised and rented with not even an application in place will be fined and possible embargoed.

Simply put, If you rent your property out for periods of less than 2 months, it must be registered. Not Registered = Minimum Fine €3,000 plus costs. Not to mention the loss of rentals while your case is processed.

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