Illegal, Unregistered Holiday Rental Homes get hefty fines Seville, The capital of Andalucia has issued the first police fines under the Law Introduced to the region in February 2016.

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The Law states that all short term holiday rental properties in Andalucia must have a VFT number (Vivienda con fines turísticos). The 4 unregistered properties are the first to be served with a Denuncia by the Local Police, with other properties already having received fines from the Junta De Andalucia. Seville is a week away from the annual Feria. Traditionally a time when accommodation is at a premium.

The fines are for properties both unregistered, and also, in one case for publishing a fake VFT registration numbers.

With the fines starting at € 3000 from the Junta De Andalucia, it is a cost the owners could well do without and the publishing of a Fake number increases the fine. These police fines are a show of solidarity from the Police that unregistered properties will not be tolerated. Recent cases of tourists dealing with the police as a result of parking fines and illegally parked hire cars has also uncovered illegal, unregistered Holiday Rental properties. While owners have received a warning and a one week of grace to get registered, it now appears, with these denuncias by the local Police, the honeymoon is over.

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