For the month of September Only!!

Holiday Rental Apartments must be registered in Junta de Andalusia


Legal Costa Rentals are experts in getting your Costa Del Sol property registered and legalised for Short Term Rental.

Now that the inspector’s spot checks have begun in reality, with Deuncias being issued in the Malaga region, we are offering a LIMITED *special discounted price to register your property* and also provide you with a Digital Certificate*

Owners of Holiday Rental Properties are legally obliged to register these properties with the Junta de Andalucia. Unregistered properties face the prospect of a hefty fine. From May 11th 2016, all rental properties must show the VFT on all advertisements, including websites.

The VFT number (viviendas con fines turísticos ) proves a property has been registered.

Due to the large number of properties we are registering on a daily basis we can offer the reduced rate for a limited period only.

Contact on +34 648088100 or e mail to reserve your application at the reduced September rate.

Many owners tell us they don’t have a First Occupation Licence. This is no reason not to register at all. In the event of an inspection, a registered property, maybe missing some details, but at least registered will be looked at with a positive slant.

A property, where no attempt to register has been made, will face fines with no defence to be offered.

Registration is fast and Easy with Legal Costa Rentals.

This offer is limited.

Since the first Denuncias were issued we have been flooded with applications, allowing us to reduce the cost to you for a limited period, due to volume of applications.

We can also assist you with registration of your VFT with the Guardia Civil which is also required once your VFT is issued.

Contact on +34 648088100 or e mail to reserve your application at the reduced September rate before the offer ends.

· * Subject to written consent from property owner.