How to claim your mortgage cost from the bank!


Do you have a mortgage in Spain? Did the bank ask you to pay the Notary fees, Land Registration fees, gestoria and fees, and Legal Taxes when you took out your mortgage?

If you want to recover your money, now you have the option, and LEGAL COSTA RENTALS, give you the option in an easy and fast way, for example for a mortgage of around 150.000 euros YOU COULD RECOVER UP TO 4.500 EUROS.

The Court in Spain in its Judgement 795/2015 of December 23th 2015, declared that banks should be legally obliged to pay for the Notary fees, Land Registry Fees, Legal Taxes, Gestor fees and if you cancel/finish your mortgage, all the associated fees. These fees will vary depending on each case but will certainly run into thousands of Euros.

What is really interesting is property purchasers who took out or paid off their mortgage up to 4 years before this law was introduced (Dec. 23th 2015) are welcome to claim those costs back.

We will take on any case on in a no win no fee basis. (Subjected to a case review)


How do mortgage claims work?


Step 1

Because we need to know about you and your mortgage, please fill this form and  submit.

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Step 2

Legal Costa Properties will study your claim regarding all the costs for opening your mortgage.

Step 3

Legal Costa Properties will try to reach an agreement with your bank, and if it is not possible, we'll proceed with your claim legally


Step 4

When we win, Legal Costa Properties will manage the deposit of money obtained for you and transfer your indemnification for your mortgage costs.


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