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andalucia rental law registration

The law in Andalucía has Changed since May 11th 2016. From this date properties rented for periods of less than 2 months Must  register with the Junta De Andalucía. Failure to do so can result in fines starting at €3000. The VFT or Number of Registration MUST be shown on all advertisements to rent the property , On line and in all publications.

We provide a start to finish Service to Register your Property with the Junta de Andalucia, easy, fast, and cheap. In 99% of our applications we have you legal within 24 hours, saving you the bother of removing your adverts while you wait for your VFT.  For more information click here

sourcing first occupation license & plans/architects

Registering your holiday rental property includes the provision of various documents, some of which, you may not already have. One such document is a First Occupation License. Each case differs  and at LEGAL COSTA we are  experienced at  outsourcing missing documentation, obtaining catastral details, copies of deeds and such like.

Please contact us to assist you in finding all you need to get your property legally registered. We can also source documents for the sale of property, proof of ownership, applications for planning permission, obtaining residency or all type of license.

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services provider contracts

LEGAL COSTA can assist you with installing Internet, Telephone, Electricity, Gas, Water, Alarm, and Security services. We are also experts in providing insurance quotations for property, motor, pets, life, contents, not forgetting personal medical and travel insurance.

For a quotation on all your insurance needs, please contact us by clicking the link below, and one of our advisers will provide a quote personal to you.

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property sales & rentals

If you are planning a move to Spain, knowing where to start can be a difficult process, and so you may consider scouring the web for an ideal property.

But what if there was a better way to conduct your property search?

Between the legalities and formalities of purchasing properties in Spain, finding a property that suits your needs, and selecting something in the perfect area of SPAIN for you– the number of things to consider can be nothing short of overwhelming. At LEGAL COSTA we know that.  For more information click here

non resident tax returns

Owning a property in Spain , but living in another country, obliges the owner to  file an annual tax return in relation to that property. This applies even if you are Tax compliant in your own country.Owners who rent their property out for payment can also claim tax relief against  the costs incurred in renting the property.

Contact us to arrange getting your tax in order and see how easily we can solve your concerns regarding the Spanish Tax system.

We can also advise the best way to legally avoid paying more tax than you should.

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property purchasers consultans

Maybe you have already found your dream property with another company. Are you sure it's legal? Do you want a second opinion? Do you know how well it will serve your purposes?

It will save you a lot of money in the future by investing a litlle money now, and discussing your proposed purchase with one our unbiased property experts. We can tell you if your property is going to make your live in Spain happy or hell.

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residence & n.i.e.

Even if you don't need a visa to stay in Spain, you might want to consider getting a NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero - Foreigner Identification Number) and a Tarjeta de Residencia. These make you a legal resident in Spain and are necessary for employment and other matters.

A NIE is a number the immigration service issues you once you become a resident, you will find it on your Residency Card. This is your identification number in Spain. It is needed in order to file taxes, establish a business, open a bank account, buy a car,  and for almost all other forms you fill out. Both EU citizens and non-EU citizens get issued a NIE.  For more information click here

property maintenance packages

We strive to make your time in your holiday home just that, a place to relax, unwind and most of all, stress free. Personally owned and managed, the service you will receive is just that... personal. Because this is where Legal Costa began, it is an area very close to our hearts and for this reason we ONLY operate in the area between La Zagaleta in Marbella, Down to the coast and as far as Benalmádena.

Having evolved by learning what people needed, we were able to provide them with the services they wanted at a level they required. This is the ethos that grew our company and why we are where we are today. For more information on the services we provide, from cleaners to private chauffeurs... Or just a laundry change give us a call or for more information click here

contracts of employment

The days of booking a cleaner or a maintenance man and paying cash are over. In order for you to claim tax relief on the costs incurred in running your Spanish property you will needs receipts for all your Spanish expenditures. LEGAL COSTA can arrange employment contracts for your service providers freeing you from risk of a fine from Social Security. We also provide services in areas of Tax, Payroll, Provision of Social Security numbers and work permits.

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